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Customer Service Case Study: Personalized Communication and the Coffee Wars

Want to know what makes an effective customer service strategy? Ask any one of the Fortune 1000 companies and they’ll tell you—it’s building relationships of empathy and goodwill with your customers. In a study published in the Journal of Business Communciation, L. S. Williams reported that the common factor uniting all Fortune 1000 companies is
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This Woman Tried Out TGIFriday’s Endless Appetizer Promotion. What Happened Next Isn’t Pretty…

Remember when we told you about T.G.I. Friday’s new promotion “endless appetizers“? @caityweaver of Gawker took on the dangerous assignment of trying it out. What happened next isn’t pretty. While Friday’s got some free coverage with this (“earned media” as it’s called in PR speak) it also got some very public feedback. It’s amazing what
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