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6 Ways to Turn Holiday Gift Anxiety Into An Opportunity For Your Ecommerce Business

Gift anxiety during the holidays is both a risk and opportunity for ecommerce businesses. Make sure you use the every customer contact during the holidays as a means of building long term customer loyalty. Like many retail businesses, you likely invested in marketing to enjoy the benefits of peak shopping season. It’s a fantastic opportunity
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Not An Ordinary Wednesday! The OwnerListens Clover App Is Here!

Happy Wednesday Merchants! Today, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Clover Network, a premier point-of-sale and business management solution. The collaboration brings OwnerListens’ powerful messaging platform to Clover merchants who strive for continuous improvement in their business and for genuine customer feedback. Available for download from the Clover App Market, the OwnerListens app
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Big Business Customer Service Mistakes – #2 Making Assumptions

This is the second installment of our series: Big Business Customer Service Mistakes. Businesses have, for the most part, built systems to allow customers to provide feedback. That’s a great first step, but making that feedback experience a good one for the customer is the next. Avoiding this mistakes will help! Making Assumptions: Mislabeling Customer Feedback
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Big Business Customer Service Mistakes – #1 Auto Reply Fails

Following on our Business Learning Series, which focused on how businesses can take control of their online reputation, we want to address some common customer service mistakes we see businesses make – on- and offline. While “Big Business” may be the most common offenders, businesses of all sizes and industries can learn from these mistakes
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